About us

Approximately 40% of all hiking injuries occur to the ankle1.

Through injury we are forced to shrink our horizons and confront limitations.

At TERREIN our core belief is that movement is essential. It remains the easiest and most effective way to invest in your overall health – both physical and mental well-being.

We also believe that innovation can be the catalyst which frees us to explore our boundaries once more.

The TERREIN Ascent is our outdoor adventure sports shoe, the first in the world with integrated adaptive ankle protection. Our innovative system allows natural freedom of motion and engages only when needed to protect the ankle from twisting.

Thanks to this unique technology we are enabling hikers to move, free from restrictions, and with confidence in every step.

Life is better when we take the path less trodden.

The trail is yours to shape.

About Terrein

1”Among non-fatalities, the ankle is the most frequent injury location with about 40% of all injured body areas”

Accidents during mountain hiking and alpine skiing – epidemiological data from the Austrian Alps. Dtsch Z Sportmed. 2020;

Faulhaber M, Pocecco E, Posch M, Ruedl G.